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Tips for flying with babies and young children PART ONE

We asked some mum’s what their tips were for flying with young children. Here’s PART ONE with some fantastic tips, get in touch with your best tips and we'll add them to PART TWO next week!


  1. Opt for a morning flight

Babies tend to get fussier towards late afternoon/early evening. If you’ve only got a short flight to your destination, opting for a morning departure will hopefully mean your baby is more refreshed from a good sleep the previous night and therefore reducing the risk of a tiredness meltdown. Plus you’re more likely to reach your accommodation on the other end before bed time reducing the disruption to routine.


  1. Travel light, as far as possible. Distinguish between the must-haves and the nice-to-haves.

If you can do laundry at your destination, then that will significantly reduce the amount of clothes you need to take. Don’t forget that there are mums all across the world who need to buy the exact same things you need to buy for their babies, so things like wipes, nappies etc will be easy to pick up once you’re there. Providing you’re not holidaying in a remote village in the middle of the rainforest….


  1. Seating – window or aisle

If you have the option to choose your seat then you may want to consider a few of the following. Will you be breast feeding? If so, would you prefer a window seat for privacy and safe from the passing service trolley bashing your elbows. Or, would you prefer an aisle seat with easy access to the toilet and the rest of the plane for when your baby inevitably needs a change of scenery. You can also book seats with extra leg room and some airlines even provide bassinets for your baby.


  1. Snacks and entertainment

Need we say more? Snacks, snacks and more snacks. You may also want to buy some new entertainment for your child and let them open them at various intervals along the way so as to avoid them getting bored and fidgety. A new colouring book, sticker book, downloaded game on the ipad etc along with their favourite snacks will make flying a fun and special experience for them.


  1. Baby carrier and rucksack nappy bag

This winning combination frees up your hands for the airport and boarding/exiting the plane. 


What would be your top tips for flying with young children? Share with us to help other mummies and daddies who may be heading away somewhere this Summer. 


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Happy Holidays!

Love KB x

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